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  • Where would I be working?
    We regularly work in some of London’s top venues including Victoria & Albert Museum, National Gallery, Museum of London, National Portrait Gallery, Roundhouse and many 5* hotels. The majority of shifts take place in Central London - Zone 1.
  • How many hours a week can I work?
    It depends on...YOU. We have plenty of daily shifts available so you can work as often as you want. We are looking for people who can do at least one shift a week but should you be looking for 30+ hours we can accommodate that as well.
  • Is it difficult to get the first shift?
    To begin with, getting your desired shifts may be a bit harder – we don’t know how good or reliable you are so you may not be picked for shifts immediately. It may be a bit of a slow process but if you apply for many shifts you will definitely get some and once you do a single shift you will be on top of the list for all other shifts too😀
  • How much do you pay?
    The rates vary from shift to shift but are always well above the minimum wage.
  • What time do your shifts start?
    We have shifts available in the morning, afternoon and evening. We are busy every day of the week including weekends so you can easily find shifts that are suitable for you.
  • What do you expect from me?
    We are looking for people who are reliable, have a good work ethic and are happy & smiley. Events are all about fun so we want our staff to have a great time whilst performing to the highest standards.
  • What are the grooming standards?
    Hair Should be clean, brushed and tidy. If it is long it must be tied back. Hair colour must be natural looking. Any hair accessories must be discreet and appropriate to hair colour and uniform. Make up Should be subtle, discreet and natural looking to complement your outfit Tattoos and body piercings Need to be covered or removed and not visible at all. Jewellery Limited to a wedding ring and a conservatively styled wrist watch, Only small matching ear studs can be warn, all other piercings need to be removed. Nails Must be well maintained, cleaned and short. No nail varnish nor fake nails are allowed (Food & Hygiene). Perfume May be discreetly worn. Appropriate deodorant/anti-perspirant must be used
  • What is the uniform I need to work for CUBE?
    You need: Smart, black office/suit trousers (not jeans), they need to go all the way to your shoes and cover your ankles! Smart black LEATHER shoes Black socks Black shirt AND white shirt (you will need both as it varies from event to event) Your shirt needs to be long sleeved, with collar and you need to be able to button it all the way up (as you may need to wear a tie) Many customers also require waistcoat and tie
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